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The Ten Offenses against the Cleanliness of the Ashrama
1. To blaspheme the devotees who have dedicated their lives to propagate the
cleanliness of the ashrama.
2. To consider the cleanliness of one’s mind or one’s heart to be equal to,
or independant of the cleanliness of the ashrama.
3. To disobey the orders of the ashrama leader.
4. To blaspheme the ashrama cleanliness rules or rules in pursuance of the
ashrama cleanliness.
5. To consider the glories of a clean ashrama to be imagination.
6, To give some interpretation on what a clean ashrama is.
7. To commit polluting activities on the strength of others cleaning the
ashrama [It should not be taken that because others are cleaning the
ashrama, one can be freed from all kinds of sinful reactions, one may
continue to act irresponsibly and afterwards others will clean the ashrama
to neutralise this dirt. Such a dangerous mentality is very offensive and
should be avoided].
8. To consider the cleaning of the ashrama as one of the auspicious
ritualistic activities offered in the ashrama rules as fruitive activities.
9. To instruct a faithless person about the glories of clean ashrama.
10. To not have complete faith in the cleaning of the ashrama and to
maintain tamasic attachments, even after understanding so many instructions
on this matter. It is also an offense to be inattentive while cleaning.
Every devotee who claims to be a Vaisnava must carefully guard against these offenses in order to quickly attain the desired result.

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