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Dear Devotees,

Please observe His Divine Grace Sripada Ramanuja Acharya Deva’s Holy 1000th Birthday on

                                 1ST APRIL 2017

If one so desires, according to one’s personal capacity and resources, One may observe a Vaishnava Saint’s Divine Appearance Day by any of the following devotional activities/austerities [list below] ….


 (but the main thing is having ***that loving mood*** of deeply missing his great divine presence, of somehow orother wanting to offer a token of love to him, and to want to sing his glories from the very core of one’s heart at the top of one’s voice for all sentient beings to hear and thereby be blessed and liberated from all suffering conditions… and RELIVING his astonishing lilas (divine pastimes) by remembering them in the Present Tense knowing that in other universes even right now, His Divine Grace (HDG) is eternally re enacting his role as Great Vaishnava Acharya to re establish the principle of Pure Bhakti and of Pure Devotional Service to the Archa-Avataara Deity of the Lord WHO IS THE LORD HIMSELF [and not merely ‘a symbol/icon/statue/idol which represents the Lord’], especially on that holy tithi (‘day’), which shall be a time when his mercy flows extra strongly out of HIS INTENSE DESIRE to bear the sins of ALL sinners in the world such as we, for that was his primary motivation for coming to the material world and playing the role of an Acharya… should we not therefore express our gratitude to him on his 1000th birthday – thanks to him, bhakti and our Lord’s darshan and Prasadam are still available to us after 1000 years…. Who was Ramanuja, one may ask, that he had that much power and that much mercy?  The Sri Vaishnava saints who realized his greatness reveal to us that he was no ordinary mortal, but was actually the incarnation of Lord Lakshmana, the eternal vishnu-tattva younger brother of Lord Rama, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  Lord Lakshmana is non-different from Lord Balarama in Krishna lila, where He appeared as the elder brother of the Lord, and Balarama is actually the Adi Guru, the Origin of All Gurus’ power to deliver fallen souls from the clutches of Maya and reinstate them, out of causeless mercy only, in their eternal loving service to the Supreme Lord, granting them suitable spiritual bodies, to eternally reside and serve their Lord in Vaikuntha.  Hare Krishna! Sripada Ramanuja acharya, The Fearless Lion-Preacher of Bhakti ki………. JAYA!!!!   :-

  –  One may fast fully till 12 noon on that holy day, then one may offer flowers and suitable prayers (eg. Audio and text of Sri Guru Vandana can be found online, and many other guru Bhakti authorized vaishnava prayers) to His Divine Grace’s opulent lotus feet. Then break fast with whatever pure offerings one may have prepared and offered first to HDG with love and devotion.


– One may read out loudly his devotional biography or his great writings, for his divine pleasure and for creating auspiciousness to benefit all living beings around us and our selves.

– One may offer HDG flowers, garlands, arati with various paraphernalia for worship, fruits

– One may chant more japa of the Holy Names of the Lord

– One may recite some verses, chapters or all of the Bhagavad Gita for HDG’s divine pleasure

– One may search out the devotional association of his devoted followers and get blessings and guidance from them and assist them in their glorification and worship of their great acharya Deva.  (HDG’s followers are externally identifiable generally by the big Naamam V- or  U- shaped tilak with a prominent vertical Red Line (‘Sri’) in the middle, and they humbly describe themselves as HDG’s humble servant’s servant known as Sri Vaishnavas.



Please, I fall at your feet and beg of you, DO NOT LET THIS DAY GO PAST UN-OBSERVED.  If EVERY SINGLE HINDU PARENT ON THE PLANET WILL OBSERVE THIS IMPORTANT DAY, IT WILL GIVE A GREAT, GREAT BOOST TO REAL DHARMA, THE DHARMA OD THE SOUL, i.e. PREMA – PURE LOVE OF GOD, THE HIGHEST GOAL OF LIFE.  Out of infinite mercy for us suffering, fallen souls drowning in Maya in the material world, The Supreme Lord sent His personal associate HDG Sripada Ramanuja Acharya Deva, to save us all, unqualified, though we may be – his unlimited mercy is availble to ANYONE AT ALL WHO ADOPTS THE PATH OF SHARANAAGATI (TOTAL SURRENDER TO THE LORD IN DEVOTION even while performing all one’s duties here in this temporary world very nicely).  Till now, HDG’s immaculate body remains VISIBLE TO ALL SITTING IN LOTUS POSITION IN OPEN SAMADHI SINCE THE DAY HE LEFT US, AGED 120 YEARS.  In kali yuga, many, many Hindus are ao forgetful of this greatest of great Gurus and have even visited Sri Rangam without paying homage to nor glorifying Sripad Ramanuja Acharya – that would NOT BE PLEASING at all to Lord Ranganatha for He Himself enacted a lila where He declared that Ramanuja was His Own Guru (akin to Sandipani Muni being Lord Krishna’s Guru – Of course the Lord needs no Guru, but to set the example for ua to follow, even He accepts shelter at the lotus feet of Sri Guru for that is the only way to begin to lose our immenseFalse Egos, which, in a sense, are the only and last thing that binds us to our bodies and the endless miaery of eternal rebirths, disease, old age and death in the material world.  Hare Krishna!  Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

Never again ever visit Sri Rangam without taking darshan of Sripad Ramanuja’s miraculous body and having the mood that seeing the lotus feet ofSripad Ramanuja ismore important even than having darshan of Lord Ranganath….and THAT will really, really please Lord Ranganath, Who will then shower you with FULL MERCY and the fulfillment of ALL, yes, all your heart’s desires (the story of Dhruva in the Srimad Bhagavatam Mahapurana refers).  When next you visit Sri Rangam (which is in Trichy, Tamil Nadu), take a printout of the below photos and essay, sit in a corner of Sripad Ramanuja’s Sannidhi (sanctum) and read out theessay and try to melt your heart in the mood of glorfying the Lord, His Divineabode Vaikuntha which has descended in the form of this magnificent temple (Bhu Loka Vaikuntham), which is the second-biggest Vishnu temple in the world after the Angkor Wat, Cambodia).

Thank you for reading his and giving this fool a chance to try and glorify this holy saint among saints although I am too sinful and proud to be worthy of such a noble task.  Please mark ypur diaries and do not miss observing and thus being a part of THE MAJESTIC UNIVERSAL CELEBRATIONS OF ONE OF THE GEEATEST SAINTS WHO DISTRIBUTED LOVE OF GOD FREELY TO ONE AND ALL IRRESPECTIVE OF CASTE OR CREED! Sripad Ramanuja Acharya Deva ki……. JAYA! JAYA!!  JAYA!!!

Your humble dasan (servant)

in the sacred service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga,

Dina-Anukampana Das

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    Hare Krishna!

    In celebrating Sri Ramanujacharya’s appearance day, it would be apt to mention that the following campaign is being launched to highlight Sri Ramanujacharya’s saviorship, by the orders of Paramahamsa Ithyadi Sri Kaliyan Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, 30th pontiff of the Vanamamalai Mutt, a preeminent seat of Srivaishnavam.


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