ISKCON Bangalore

The first aspect of the Krishna consciousness movement is that one hears about Krishna in the association of devotees and chants Krishna’s Names and within that process, of hearing and chanting, one will taste something extraordinary.
In fact by hearing and chanting about Krishna if one can taste even one drop of the happiness of the spiritual internal potency, one has enough to distribute to the whole world. if you get one just one drop, just one time. One should try for this. So we spend our time trying to get this one drop, and if one tastes that then it’s natural that will want to tell others, because the individual living entity has a very special role to play. The jiva is an appreciator and Krishna is the Supreme appreciated and that’s our job, that’s all we have to do, to appreciate Krishna and all Krishna has to do is be Krishna because He’s completely appreciable.
Everything about Him is sweet, in fact there are songs about that. Just take some of that sweetness, the devotees will taste it and then we go out and distribute it and give it to others.
There’s an old saying that whatever you appreciate appreciates, just as when you put money in the bank you’re looking for how much appreciation will get, what return will receive from my investment. This is called appreciation on your investment, so there’s an old saying whatever you appreciate appreciates.
You’ll notice that in your life the things that you give your attention to, out of gratitude and appreciation, they will grow in you.Voltaire said that whatever we appreciate in others, the good qualities, we will assume ourselves, they’ll enter into our hearts and we will be able to take those on.This is something Queen Kunti talks about, to appreciate the devotional service of others, to appreciate Krishna and so forth. So by that one takes on those qualities and one’s capacity to appreciate expands. Every living entity has an appreciating capacity. Some living entity’s appreciating capacity is very small, but when we come to the human form of life we can expand our appreciating capacity unlimitedly. What blocks it? Matsarya, envy! Matsarya means the inability to tolerate the eminence of another.But devotees have freedom from matsarya and the ability to appreciate. And they expand their appreciating capacity, and as they do, they have so much overflow that they go out to distribute to others. This is the process of Krishna consciousness.

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