Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Kirshna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare Hare!

Dear devotees, i like to address you with the most dear message of all. The message of his holiness bhagavan sri krishna! He is everywhere and in that way the only acceptable emotion is trancendal happiness. Today i feel physically weak. Mentally i got enlivened by the holy name. I am watching all this mela videos and singing along. Again it gives me some perspective. It made be feel worthy, worthy going that way. Worthy go on. Worthy embracing pain and impuissance.I am living in a metropole city. It seems dirty, the weather seems influenced and out of balance. People seem to me like ghosts or zombies. My work colleagues seem to be out of touch with their innermost friend. It seems to me love has nearly died out, as no one is truely caring anymore. Who is really serving in this world and how does this service differ to just making negotiations? Maybe you know.

However, in what circumstance we are as conditioned soul, deep in our selves: we know. we know that krishna is the only importance in our lives.

we have a mission. we will go back to god.  Let’s digg ourselves free from the dust and just allways accept that we are on that way and that it is ok. it is just ok, how it is now. krishna is guiding. Let’s just do what we can in terms of service, loving and truely supporting others and that surely is enough! That is a delightfull message and i like to encourage you to let this freedom rain to the fullest extent! Hare Krishna!

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