By Bhajahari das

Jivajago is a young devotee who has recently come to Krishna consciousness after the death of his father. He received a Bhagavad Gita on Oxford street last year and has been attracted to Krishna ever since. Jiva, also known as Jake has been a singer/songwriter/rapper for many years working in the music industry, collaborating with artists such as Robbie Williams, Mark Owen and Lemar.

Thanks to Krishna consciousness he now has a new perspective on life and music and wants to spiritualise his skills and work to serve Krishna.

Jivajago has more Krishna conscious music to come and is intending to release an album later this year.


Srila Prabupada – “This civilisation, modern civilisation, having no information of the soul. It is simply a pack of animals, that is all”

We know something is wrong, like we don’t belong And in our heart we feel were missing a song Our lives are based on vices, sex and drugs But we have an overwhelming propensity to love We sleep in nice apartments and eat nice food This is polished animalism and none of it’s new Controlled by the laws of nature, we have what we reap But out of illusion we imagine we’re free Living a fools paradise and we don’t realise That inside the body we’re living, imprisoned by the mind We’re on the mental platform trying to work it all out But we don’t know what life’s real problems are about Our problems are how can we buy a better car Or apartment to impress another mate at the bar We keep a dogs mentality declaring we’re advanced This facade can only take us so far because we can’t Truly be happy with these bodily pleasures And sense gratifications, we never learn lessons We repeat the same acs that depress us everyday But our tastes never seem to change We’re in the full vigour of life but forgotten the naked truth of death We’ve inquired a little bit, don’t think there’s anything left We have no information on the actual truth So we seek the untruth in the name of the truth

You’ve got an angel face but an empty mouth What are you gonna do when it all falls down? You built your empire on a heavy cloud What are you gonna do when it rains and it all falls down?

We seek perfection but we don’t know where to look This struggle for existence isn’t written in any books that we find We’re suffering, out of ignorance were blind And we don’t realise we’re leading sinful lives Walking blindfolded into the darkness of the night We’re the rabbit who’s petrified and closes his eyes So he won’t get eaten, but as our souls get weakened Something cries out inside and it’s separate from our minds We realise that death is born along with birth And at the end of it all what’s any of it worth? Living ourselves to death, dying with every breath And we don’t ever question what’s gonna be left We often enquire about our temporary state But we never enquire about our permanent fate We know that something is wrong, we feel we don’t belong In our hearts we’re missing a song that we can’t put our fingers on Our lives are full of vices, sex and drugs But we have an overwhelming propensity to love

Everyone is born a fool The difference between us and animals is our consciousness and conscience If we don’t cultivate it, then we’re not evolving It’s our duty to develop otherwise we’re doing nonsense But we eat, sleep, mate and defend in succession Repeat the same patterns and we don’t make any progression If we don’t realise we’re frightened we won’t be enlightened We must receive knowledge from an authority that’s heightened If we don’t we’ll be defeated by the struggle for existence Pre occupied with fighting each other for better positions But we don’t understand what superior positions are There’s no better positions it’s a farce Whatever position you have you’re gonna have to give it up There comes a point when you’re gonna have to face this stuff If you feel like somethings wrong and you don’t belong And have an overwhelming propensity to love Then i’m here for you but you’re gonna have to be open To your suffering, your limitations and the truth And then surrender to someone who’s seen it first hand If you want I can show him to you

Srila Prabupada – “So those who have surrendered to the material nature, he has to suffer, there is no way out. You have excepted this body you must suffer. This material body means suffering but they do not know this. Therefore KRSNA says here, to take care of the soul”

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