Srila Prabhupada on Book Distribution

The following is a selection of quotes from Srila Prabhupada on the importance of distributing his transcendental books. Please take the time to read them all.

Book Distribution is Samadhi:

The book distribution in Los Angeles during the six day period is transcendental samadhi. They are working in trance, not on the material platform. No common man can work so hard, it is not possible. Working without sleep means no death. Sleeping is dead condition. “Jiv jago, jiva jago, gauracanda bole, kota nidra yao maya-pisacira kole.” Your book distribution is really intoxication. (Letter to: Ramesvara  —  Calcutta 12 January, 1976)

One should engage in practical service to the Lord. In our Krsna consciousness movement, all our activities are concentrated upon distributing Krsna literature. This is very important. One may approach any person and induce him to read Krsna literature so that in the future he also may become a devotee. Such activities are recommended in this verse. Such activities will always remind the devotees of the Lord’s lotus feet. By fully concentrating on distributing books for Krsna, one is fully absorbed in Krsna. This is samadhi. (SB 10.2.37)

Book Distributors are Quickly Recognized by Prabhupada and Krishna:

I read your Sankirtana newsletter with great relish…. The Sankirtana devotees are very very dear to Krishna. Because you are doing the field work of book distribution, Krishna has immediately recognized them as true servants. Just like during war time, a farm boy or ordinary clerk who goes to fight for his country on the front, immediately becomes a national hero for his sincere effort. So Krishna immediately recognizes a preacher of Krishna consciousness who takes all risks to deliver his message. It is called Dhira vrata — determination. These boys and girls are mahatmasmahatmanas tu mam partha, daivim prakrtim asritah, bhajantyananya manaso, jnatva bhutadim avyayam [Bg. 9.13] “O son of Pritha, those who are not deluded, the great souls, are under the protection of the divine nature. They are fully engaged in devotional service because they know me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, original and inexhaustible.” This verse is applicable here, if these boys were under material nature they would not take so much risk, they are mahatma, they are real mahatma, not that long beard and saffron cloth mahatma. They are unswerving in their determination, dhira vrata. All glories to the American devotees! (Letter to: Uttamasloka  —  Vrindaban 11 December, 1975)

Prabhupada: You go on with book distribution. They will be benefited, and distributors also will be benefited. Krsna says, ya idam paramam guhyam mad-bhaktesv abhidhasyati [Bg 18.68]. Na ca tasman manusyesu kascin me priya-krttamah [Bg. 18.69]. If you want to become quickly recognized by Krsna, then make propaganda, this Krsna consciousness movement. And once recognized by Krsna, then your going back to home, back to Godhead, guaranteed. (Morning Walk — July 5, 1975, Chicago)

Pancadravida: Srila Prabhupada, two boys are here. They are from Caracas. This one boy is Ramanujacarya. He distributed over three thousand Bhagavatams in the month of December. He did over a hundred books every day. (devotees exclaim)
Prabhupada: Wonderful. Thank you very much.
Tamala Krsna: This is him, this boy.
Prabhupada: Oh. Very good. The more you distribute books, the more you are blessed. There is no more or less. Everyone is blessed… (laughter) There is no such discrimination, but still, there is some competition. (laughter) (Evening Darsana — February 25, 1977, Mayapura)

You are distributing this knowledge, so you become immediately recognized, very dear servant, very confidential servant of Krsna. He says personally. [Bg. 18.69]. “Amongst the human beings those who are doing this preaching, nobody is dearer than these persons to Me”

To be quickly recognized by Krsna, this is the short-cut process. He never says those who are sitting in a secluded place meditating or chanting, doing nothing. He never says that “They are My very dear devotees.” But those who are preaching–na ca tasman manusyesu kascin me [Bg. 18.69]. Just like government takes more care for the soldiers, especially when there is fighting. They are giving life for the state. So their comfort–first consideration. In the warfield, enough supplies. Anything the soldiers require. Enough supplies. (Room Conversation – August 22, 1976, Hyderabad)

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