In any relationship, the nature of the reciprocation and rasa that evolves between loved ones will naturally be very much influenced by their quality of speech ⎯ their verbal exchanges. This is particularly so in Vraja ⎯ a land where the culture is sublimely subtle and ever-so-fascinatingly sweet. It’s a land where Krsna not only loves everyone and has loving exchanges with everyone but speaks to them all in their own language!

An old woman in Vrndavana, present at the time of Krsna’s pastimes, once stated in surprise, “How wonderful it is that Krsna, who owns the hearts of all the young girls of Vrajabhumi, can nicely speak the language of Vrajabhumi with the gopis, while in Sanskrit He speaks with the demigods, and in the language of the animals He can even speak with the cows and buffalo! Similarly, in the language of the Kashmir Province, and with the parrots and other birds, as well as in most common languages, Krsna is so expressive!” She inquired from the gopis as to how Krsna had become so expert in speaking so many different types of languages.

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