Food For Life Donation
  • The service charges we receive merely cover our administrative or non-human infrastructure expenses. Our teachers and administrative staff receive basic necessities from funds derived from non-designated donations that our supporters regularly give. The main principle that Srila Prabhupada emphasized – that teachers not get salaries or charge for transferring transcendental knowledge – has always been, and remains a cornerstone of our ethos.
  • Please note that our service charges do not include giving any daksina to the teachers. The Vedic system is for students to offer daksina in order to gain the most from learning. Teachers do not charge, and students freely give. So, we strongly encourage our students to offer their teachers some donation, whether money or gifts or service, remembering that most of our teachers are renunciates with no means of support other than charity.
  • “Any sacrifice performed without regard for the directions of scripture, without distribution of prasadam [spiritual food], without chanting of Vedic hymns and remunerations to the priests, and without faith is considered to be in the mode of ignorance.”    Bhagavad-gita 17.13
  • “Charity should be given to the devotees of Krishna who are engaged in His devotional service to spread the Krishna philosophy, or Krishna consciousness, throughout the world. …if one gives some amount of his money to persons involved in distributing Krishna consciousness, that charity, given to spread Krishna consciousness, is the greatest charity in the world.”     Bhagavad-gita 11.54, Purport
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