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ISKCON through its corporate training wing reaches out to the present day professionals to help them in leading a better and holistic life. This program embeds ethics and spiritual values into the workplace with Life Style Management Techniques and a Transformation in Consciousness through Behavioral Training seminars, workshops and Experiential Learning which leads to: • employee retention, interpersonal relationships and team bonding, • role clarity and employee engagement. Reconnect This is our key differentiators- We invest the additional energy to reinforce the learning for all our batches.Since follow up is needed to maintain the momentum, V-Serve conducts a refresher course- a snapshot of the modules,including a recap, an action plan for each participant and sharing of “new learnings”; this ensures continuous learning. Some of our Training programs:

  • Personal Management: Stress Management , Anger Management,Work Life Balance
  • Relationship Management: Conflict Resolution, The Art of Delegation, Team Work, Effective Communication, Ethical Leadership
  • Inner-Self Management : Embracing Change, MAP: Mental Awarenes Program , Wellness, Morality

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