Sri Jagannath Nitya Seva



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Benefits for donating towards this seva are as follows:

Everyone who participates in this offer will help make The Palace Temple (estimated US$ 3 Million) a Reality and Will also get Maha Prasadam From Vrindavan, Mayapur and Puri as a Token of Our Gratitude.

There are currently Two Packages:
1. Rs.7,777/ US$199/ £135/ €170/ AU$230 – One Box of Maha Prasadam each From Vrindavan, Rajapur, Mayapur and Puri (Total 3 Boxes)

2. Rs.9,108/ US$239/ £175/ €230/ AU$280 – Two Boxes Of Maha Prasadam each From Vrindavan, Rajapur, Mayapur and Puri (Total 6 Boxes) + Special Prayers to Lord Jagannath on Rasa Purnima Night/ Tulasi Salagram Vivahah + Your Name in Copper under Lord’s Altar in His New Temple!

Once you contribute, we will ship the Maha Prasadam as soon as possible. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE and yes We Accept all Major Currencies!

Please Remember, This Offer was made not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of the public. This temple will help spread Krsna consciousness to every home in Bangalore!  Each And Every Rupee we get will be used for Temple Construction Purposes, It is your chance Build The Lord’s Palace Temple!

“If somebody performs even a little worship of Lord Shri Hari in the month of Kartika, He offers that devotee His own abode.”

“if one respectfully eats Vishnu’s prasad as soon as he gets it, he delivers one hundred generations and becomes liberated even while alive.” ~ Brahma Vaivarta Purana

“mahaprasad, be it dry, stale or brought from a distant place, should be eaten as soon as one gets it; there is no need of considering time, place etc.” ~ Padma Purana


We Thank HG Gaura Mani Mataji and HG Parama Prabhu of The Vrajavadhus Foundation Inc. For all Their Help in Making this a reality.

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